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Elite Athletics

2029 Marshall Huff Road
Dallas, GA 30132
Phone: (770) 443-4936

ELITE ATHLETICS: Sports Performance Training

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About Us

At ELITE ATHLETICS we have only one thing in mind: Improving Athletic Performance!! We work with serious middle school, high school, college and professional athletics.

Our programs are designed to make sure the athlete understands the proper technique and mechanism used for each exercise before progressing to the next stage. We will never sacrifice way over technique. We are equipped with the best sport-specific training programs you will find. We are dedicated to enhanced performance and preparing athletes for competition at all levels. We know STRENGTH allows for a stable foundation which athletes must have so that their bodies can endure the rigors of day in and day out, between practices, training, and actual competition performance, In addition, SPEED is something all athletes require, which we teach through proper mechanics, as well as its development through intense training. AGILITY is essential, and by drilling athletes with literally hundreds of footwork drills, we teach their muscles how to respond faster, and move quicker than ever. POWER is something specifically developed through our intense resistance training and explosive movements.

Whatever your player's needs, be confident that ELITE ATHLETICS is ready to develop and train CHAMPIONS!

ELITE ATHLETICS: Sports Performance Training