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Elite Athletics

2029 Marshall Huff Road
Dallas, GA 30132
Phone: (770) 443-4936

ELITE ATHLETICS: Sports Performance Training

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ELITE ATHLETICS has the competitive advantage over the competition by providing expertise in strength and conditioning knowledge, proven sports training programs and expert instruction.

Our goal is to equip athletes both physically and mentally with the ability to compete at the highest level.

Many parents continue to spend money on their athletes to improve their performance, but with little return on the dollar. Many so-called experts (ex-athletes or Personal trainers) know little if anything about executing sprinting, strength training and agility quickness skills. If you look closely at their teachings you'll see that they can demonstrate what to do, but they are unable to explain how to make the corrections needed for each athlete to improve.

Our training program is unique and scientifically designed for improving athletic performance. Most of all, it is proven and effective. Our program is recommended for all athletes no matter what gender, age, sport played, or skill level. At ELITE ATHLETICS, learning through experience, and knowing the scientific needs and movements will help you excel and get the greatest results in the least amount of time. We have perfected our program through running successful clinics, coaching entire teams, working with individual athletes and consulting with many successful strength and conditioning coaches across the country.

ELITE ATHLETICS will not dilute our program for younger or inexperienced athletes; we simply modified the load and intensity. ELITE ATHLETICS will provide what others can't, the very best training and atmosphere in the country along with true results.

ELITE ATHLETICS: Sports Performance Training